Flashpoint Theory

Proven sales and marketing concepts told through a compilation of personal short stories. 


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About the Author / Book…

Besides writing poems to his mom and girl crushes as a youngster, Michael John began his journey as a creative at 19 years old when he picked up a guitar and started writing songs. A decade later he and his band The Crimson Element were touring nationally full time until he went solo as a singer-songwriter guitarist in 2005. The great recession, and his then seven year old daughter missing him, caused him to make a career change where he became Director of Sales and Marketing for a sizable non-profit. As the new guy, the pressure from the recession pushed him to find creative solutions to complex sales and marketing issues which he was able to accomplish with the cooperation of a great team. This is where the Flashpoint Theory concept was born. In 2011, he went out on his own by founding Flashpoint Theory Creative Marketing Solutions which specialized specifically in helping non-profits. Over the next decade his client roster saw continued and sustainable growth. By mid- 2020 however, his client roster was significantly reduced due to the pandemic. This resulted in some extra free time and is where the idea for this book was born…and raised!