Foundational Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

Sure we can build you an incredible website complete with eloquent missional language, engaging videos, and beautiful photography; but what’s the point if no one can find it! When we build you a website we always weave organic SEO right into the fabric and DNA of your C.M.S. platform.

The Evolution of Organic SEO

Over the last decade a lot has changed as Google and other search engines have become more and more focused on intuitive consumer search preferences, especially geographic location. What used to be a much easier linear process has now become a true art form as search engine providers would much rather you run paid ads than be organically ranked in their Top 5 positions on page one. As a result, they have made it increasingly more difficult to effectively measure organic results in hopes of making the paid ads more attractive.

So why bother with Organic SEO?

Consumer behavior shows an initial skip past the paid ads in search of the best recommendation by the search engine (a.k.a. organic search results) before circling back to the paid ads once again if they don’t make a connection. Therefore, Organic SEO along with a paid ad campaign is currently the purest and most efficient form of non-interruptive digital marketing available and is always the cornerstone of a successful digital marketing campaign.


The challenge with organic SEO is and always will be, generating and measuring ROI. The initial investment costs more than most paid ad campaigns, as it requires a much stronger website foundation with excellent onsite content in order to be effective in the long run. Rest assured, the ROI is always worth it!

Process / Deliverables

Fortify the Foundation

This involves either building a new custom mobile responsive website or tuning up your current website both for technological efficiency as well as developing an attractive online personality with a competitive edge specific to your target audience. In this phase we will also capture new photography, develop new videos and write new content as needed in order to capture your personality and story.

Social Media Integration and Cross Linking

We will set up and integrate all relevant forms of Social Media and consumer- oriented directories such as Facebook, Youtube, Yelp and Google My Business to help fuel as much interaction as possible with the your website.

Offsite Optimization

We will begin to build a network of back links with relevant websites of various page ranks in order to create a network of websites that are essentially “recommending” your business.

Onsite Optimization for Keywords and Paid Ads

Once we research and agree on the most lucrative key word terms for your business, we will begin optimizing all of your pages and content to match up with these terms as well as launch a paid ad campaign.

Dashboard Monitoring

We integrate all of the above into our custom dashboard so we know what is working and what isn’t and can adjust our efforts accordingly. We provide 24 hour access to this report, as well as more simplified weekly executive summaries.